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June 25, 2013
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Static Noise Ref Sheet by AnxiousShadowPetals Static Noise Ref Sheet by AnxiousShadowPetals
The original ref sheet can be found from when I adopted him from my good friend :iconalways-a-keepsake: which can be found here: [link] but I thought it would be relevant to make a new ref for him but that will always be the original excellent example (since its where I adopted him in the first place ^^; ) plus I wanted to work on his Bio too

:bulletwhite:~~Static Noise~~:bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: Name: Static Noise :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: Age: Adult :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: Special Talent: Can pick up electrical frequencies through the magic of other unicorns and electronic devices which gives him the advantage to temporarily disable them (but often can cause the electronic devices to explode) :bulletwhite:

Static Noise is extremely different from the other unicorns but in a special and eccentric way. It was believed that as a tiny foal he was struck by lightening directly at the horn (which gave him electrical magic) but instead it was something he was naturally born with but also made him almost constantly seemed like he drank large amounts of lattes in one go. It caused his parents to constantly worry about him and actually have him home-school due to the paranoia that their little foal would be picked on for having trouble dealing with his electrical problem (he was mighty hyper as a foal) but it didn't really stop him from wanting to be social every once in a while. Even if he was sheltered at home he would always (and I mean always) wanted to make a friend, but of course most of the other unicorns would find him weird and oddly intimidating which made him self-conscious about his horn for a while until he was old enough to move on his own (except having to being supervised by Air Lift at all times due to how .... magically and mentally unstable he is) As for now he's searching for a special somepony that will not only just accept his odd behavior but also won't mind his electrical magic.

Personality Wise:
-Very unpredictable
-Very adaptable to his surroundings
-Can never sit still
-Loves thunderstorms (I'm sure you'll know the reason why)
-Extremely loyal
-Constantly jittery
-Can act childish at times
-Has excellent hearing
-Loves everything that seems out of the ordinary
-Doesn't mind children
-Easily distracted
-Can be dependent on others
-Not the brightest bulb out there
-Surprisingly has good manners
-Loves video games
-Loves day and night
-Hates heat (it slows him down)
-Is very claustrophobic
-Doesn't like the dark
-Absolute silence makes him nervous
-Isn't really afraid to say whats on his mind
-Can be desperate (for love more like)

*Not much a reader

*He seems to have an attraction to white noise. If its being seen on a television he'll stare at it for hours. In fact its the only thing he'll fall asleep to

*Doesn't like seeing other ponies cry/sad

*He has a secret crush on Shadow Petals

*Al though he can seem very scary at first he's very friendly

*He usually practices with the electrical frequencies he can pass on to other unicorns. For earth ponies and pegasus it usually just gives them painful shocks.

*His electrical magic can also depend on his emotions as well. They're usually high in extreme anger or happiness. If the magic is not handed in proper care it can cause him to go into spazzes.

*Never ever ever by all means ever give him coffee. It would probably kill the poor guy if he can't even control himself on a regular basis.

*Has a huge liking towards heart monitors/heart beats

*Very much loves neons

*His electricity magic can be quite useful if a blackout occurs

*Hardly eats anything (why eat when you're basically being run by electricity? :XD: But his top favorite foods are Broccoli mostly because they're amusingly weird to him)

*Most of his jitters can cause him to jolt sharply or trip

*Annoys the hell out of Air Lift due to his constant questioning about everything

*Many ponies get very uncomfortable around him

Static Noise(c) ~AnxiousShadowPetals
I really love what you're doing with him~ ♥
It's awesome to see him go from just a concept to a fleshed out character!
Thank you so much, Kim~~ ;w; You have no idea how much I love Static Noise, Like ... a lot~
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